Playa del Carmen: screened from view by coconut and palm trees, it comes alive at dusk with the chatter of exotic birds returning home to their aviary. Dine outside on a terrace overlooking the sun-kissed palm trees. Or climb to the topmost terrace to embrace a lovely landscape of turquoise ocean wearing a precious necklace of coral reefs.


Relax in your hammock, enjoy the breeze, and view the sun dancing on the waves as it breaks through the horizon at sunrise. At nightfall, go out for a lazy walk in the unpaved streets and admire the skill with which urban planners make tourists welcome while retaining the authentic feel of a small Mexican village.

You just found your home away from home: Casa Palmas de Baja Mar in Playacar, Playa Del Carmen.


This beautiful four-story home is located in the luxurious tropical resort of Playacar Phase 1, in Playa del Carmen. Surrounded by tropical gardens, three terraces offer a view to nature's sacred paradise and the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Mexican sophistication gives character to this romantic dwelling.

We now have a private salt water pool with lime stone fountain.


 Come join us!!!


New UVA water filter in the villa

New fresh water pool with limessssstone fountain (no salt, no chlorine)

Vacation time in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, has never been this good, the temperature and the beaches are spectacular!